A beauty salon in Brazil

Layane and her family dreamt of a future in Belgium, but this project turned out to be difficult. She has now returned to Brazil with her daughter.


Life in Belgium

Layane arrived in Belgium with her husband and daughter in the hope of settling here. Her husband quickly found a job and Layane started to work as a maid.

When she had to stop working to take care of her daughter, the situation became complicated. For the little Alice too, life in Belgium was not easy: a foreign country, new people...

Contact with the IOM

Last year, Layane decided to return voluntarily to Brazil, her country of origin, with her eight-year-old daughter Alice. A friend told her about the IOM and the support they offer before, during and after the return.

She started to look for the IOM in Belgium and soon discovered that the accompaniment meant more than simply booking the flight tickets. Layane realised that after the return, she could also count on reintegration support and a tailored accompaniment, and that she would not be alone.

A new start

In Brazil, Layena could count on the accompaniment of the local partner of the IOM: she used the reintegration support among others to follow beauty care courses, buy the necessary material for that job and furnish her home.

Thanks to this support and the initiatives she took, she rapidly found a job in a beauty salon in her town. Now, she can provide for her family. Good luck, Layane!

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Source: IOM.