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Sri Lanka

A fishing boat, a new start

Rex tried to obtain a residence permit in Belgium, without success. He returned to Sri Lanka, his country of origin, where he started fishing again.


Doubts and uncertainties

Rex arrived in Belgium in 2014 with his wife, his daughter and son. He tried to obtain a residence permit in Belgium in many ways, but without success. After years of doubts uncertainties in difficult conditions, Rex decided in 2022 to return voluntarily to Sri Lanka, his country of origin.

Back with his family

After eight years, Rex returned to his family in Sri Lanka, where he has three sisters and three brothers. He moved back in his own house that he is now sharing with one of his sisters whose husband died in the conflict.

Before leaving for Belgium, Rex was a passionate fisherman, a profession that his family has been doing for years. When he thought about a sustainable reintegration project with our reintegration partner Caritas International, it soon became clear that fishing would play again an important role after his return.

Fishing, coconuts and mangos

Thanks to the reintegration support, Rex was able to buy a fishing boat and nets with the local partner of Caritas. Since then, he goes out early every morning to the sea with his brother. If the weather is too bad to fish, he sets out to plant mango and coconut trees, his son’s favourites, around his house.


Source: Caritas International.