Abdulmueen's bakery

In August 2015, Abdulmueen arrived in Belgium. He submitted an application for international protection that led to a negative decision.

When his second application was turned down, he decided to return voluntarily. During the pre-departure counselling with the IOM, Abdulmueen mentioned that he had experience as a baker.

Family bakery

Abdulmueen returned on 20 December 2017 and his family welcomed him in Baghdad. It was impossible for his mother to carry on with the family bakery during his absence, which is why he quickly decided to reinvest in the bakery. Collaborators of the IOM helped him make a business plan and buy material. The business now provides a stable income. However, Abdulmueen still faces many challenges, such as the competition from three other bakeries in the same neighbourhood and the difficulty to attract customers. That is why he relies on quality products at low prices. He hopes that his bakery will continue to prosper in the future.

"With hard work and good planning, it is possible to develop your own business."


Source: IOM